About Us

About Us

US-Asia Links was founded by a diverse and accomplished international team with the goal of stimulating economic growth and improving international relations while at the same time improving quality of life.

To achieve this goal, US-Asia Links strives to identify the best technology companies that are in critical need, match them with financial support, and link them to proven partners that will promote growth.

Our partners’ leading and innovative technology aims to provide more energy efficient and cleaner solutions to current agriculture techniques, clean air and water systems, energy generation methods, and similar operations while saving on operating costs.

US-Asia Links works closely with many diverse and leading organizations such as trade associations, think tanks, traditional and investment banks, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies to exchange ideas and input for funding and finding a fitting partner for each company.

US-Asia Links believes that all investments will yield very satisfactory financial returns for investors while simultaneously improving global environment, creating sustainable economic growth, enhancing global stability, and improving world health and food supplies.

Linking the world’s businesses and technologies to build a better world.