Michael Zhu

Michael Zhu – President, US-Asia Links – China Operation

In 1980, Michael traveled to the US from China at a young age, and grows up in Maryland. After graduating from the Maryland Business School, and a fateful trip back to China in 1993, he decides to pivot towards China. For the next 10 years, He starts-up and manages China Operations for a US public company, Environmental Elements Corporation (EEC), and takes ownership of EEC’s China subsidiary in 2004 with an MBO. He expands the subsidiary and establishes three other companies, all to service the growing need for air pollution control equipment in China, and fulfill international companies’ desires to source high value engineered products.

Michael has 20+ years of experience starting, managing and growing companies in the US and China. And during his time in China, he falls in love with classic Chinese culture and history. Through learning and applying principles and techniques passed down by Chinese sages, he develops a better understanding of himself and achieves better performance in his ventures. Michael plans to leverage his background and experience to help people to better performances, achievements and ultimately, happiness.

Michael holds a BS degree from the Maryland Business School, University of Maryland, College Park and an EMBA degree from Rutgers, State University of New Jersey, Shanghai. Michael is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese.